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About Datek Group’s Facilities Services

Public and private sector organisations choose us for our tailored services, proven expertise, and can-do attitude. We work hard for our clients, helping them find new ways to cut their costs, comply with regulations, and make their buildings fit for purpose. It’s facilities management with a more proactive, hands-on approach – and with such a broad service range in one place, we can take care of everything.

Office Relocation & Storage

When you’re moving to new space or storing excess equipment, it can be hard to focus on what’s really important. Our team has been involved in moves on a national and international level, helping companies minimise disruption and get back to work in record time.

As well as planning and executing your move, we can store equipment on your behalf. With legacy IT, filing cabinets, and other supplies in our secure facilities, you can put every square inch of your space to good use.

It’s an efficient, effective service that can streamline the way you work.

A smooth transition with expert planning – Our experience in commercial moves gives us a unique insight into the things that can go wrong. Before we begin your office relocation, we’ll look at all these risks and how they can be avoided.

It’s our priority to keep your most critical operations going before, during, and after your move. If there’s an unavoidable period of downtime, we take steps to minimise the impact of this on your customers. And because we offer complete expertise, we take care of everything, from decommissioning your IT to packing fragile equipment safely and securely.

So you can get where you need to be – fast.