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About Datek Group’s Facilities Services

Public and private sector organisations choose us for our tailored services, proven expertise, and can-do attitude. We work hard for our clients, helping them find new ways to cut their costs, comply with regulations, and make their buildings fit for purpose. It’s facilities management with a more proactive, hands-on approach – and with such a broad service range in one place, we can take care of everything.

Mechanical Services

Mechanical building services matter. They’re the secret to comfortable, productive space – and people. But they account for as much as 50% of the average office building’s operating costs.

We can help make your mechanical services more efficient, and make sure they’re always up-and-running.

Designed to give you complete coverage, our installation, maintenance, and management services cover HVAC, building controls, fire safety and energy systems, refrigeration, and more. Whatever you need, our experienced engineers have seen it all.

From isolated controls to full integration – No mechanical building service operates in isolation.

It’s the way component parts fit together that determines your efficiency, your compliance, and your costs.

At Datek, we understand how every part of your building functions, and what it needs to achieve. Using that expertise, we can audit your existing services, design new projects and improvements, and then supply ongoing monitoring and maintenance – 24/7/365.

So whether it’s an isolated control or a joinedup approach, we can help.