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About Datek Group’s Facilities Services

Public and private sector organisations choose us for our tailored services, proven expertise, and can-do attitude. We work hard for our clients, helping them find new ways to cut their costs, comply with regulations, and make their buildings fit for purpose. It’s facilities management with a more proactive, hands-on approach – and with such a broad service range in one place, we can take care of everything.

Civil Services

Civils play an important part in day-to-day life for every single one of us. We know what that means for civil engineering and construction projects.

Our priority is efficiency – an organised, structured approach that keeps projects onbudget and delivered on time. We can help with a wide range of projects, from managing infrastructure works to handling groundworks for construction projects.

But whatever we are doing, we work with a spirit of transparency – so you know what’s happening at every stage of a project. And you can see for yourself that the project is staying on track.

An accredited team for civil projects – While our structured approach means a lot at a management level, the best performance is the result of complete expertise from the ground up.

Our on-site teams are fully insured, accredited, and qualified for the roles they undertake. We believe in a small, tight-knit labour resource, who understand the projects they’re undertaking and how important they are to communities. It’s a team for civil projects that performs consistently – at every level.